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Just in time for the new year, I’ve taken part in Marc Weidenbaum’s Instagr/am/bient compilation by contributing both an image (above) and a track called “Silhouettes”, inspired by Naoyuki Sasanami’s photo below. The idea behind the Instagr/am/bient project first came up from a twitter conversation Marc and I had about how Instagram images look a lot like album covers, and that he’d really like to hear the album that went with the photo above. Quickly enough, he put the idea out there, and here we are.

The OO-Ray: “Silhouettes” by disquiet

This photo, with its silhouettes and shadows, inspired me to use more discrete transformations such as digital editing and pitch shifting in my piece. The main phrase in the piece is a digitally edited and pitch shifted piano figure, highlighted with several cello tracks treated with a mixture of overdrive and reverberation. Looking at the photo reminds me of those moments right after waking where everything is out of focus and reality snaps into place after a second. I tried to recreate an extended recreation of that transition from dream state to reality, when sunlight floods the room and the day starts anew.

INSTAGR/AM/BIENT: 25 Sonic Postcards by disquiet

A full stream of the project is above, and a PDF document showing all of the photos is available from the dedicated website. Please enjoy!

Written by Ted

December 29th, 2011 at 11:03 am

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